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of key issues including border problems, drugs, violence on the texas mexico border, the need for education. he has controversial things like putting a gasoline tax on. all of these issues, his legacy really invigorates our current debate. >> for many americans outside of texas, 1992 was perhaps their introduction to ross perot. he had been on the national stage for a while. in the late 1980's, he began speaking out about these issues that he was concerned about. we looked in our video library and our first coverage of ross perot was in 1987. here he is speaking before the american bankers association that year. >> let's look at where we are and take the rose colored glasses off. all of these people saying the fundamentals are sound, i think we have had enough doctors feel good. i think we are tough enough to take bad news. i think it is time to look at the facts. we have a three trillion dollar debt by 1988. our debt is being funded by four nations at this point. the greatest nation in the history of man does not have the will to past -- we continue to pass resolutions that p
- 1972 career. this is bill clinton, who actually ran the george mcgovern campaign in texas, as many of you know. >> think of just the highlights of this fascinating life. pilot, a teacher, congressman, senator, first director of food for peace, author with senator dole of the food stamp program, courageous critic of the vietnam war, first and only person from south dakota so far to be nominated for president, united nations delegate under presidents ford and carter, advocate for disarmament and peace in the middle east. when i was president, united nations ambassador to the food and agriculture organization, recipient of the medal of freedom, and with senator dole, the inspiration for the school funding program. george did not tell you what happened with the $300 million. there are 130 million children in this world who never darkened a schoolhouse door. their idea was to say to poor kids across the world and to their parents, you can have one good nutritious meal a day no matter how poor you are, but you have to come to school to get it. after we passed that little bit the initiati
pipeline will only make it worse. port arthur texas where crude i'll for this pipeline would be processed, over a quarter of the population is under the poverty level and asthma and other respiratory problems exist in a great percentage. we have the responsibility to properly assess the risks the approval of this pipeline would expose to their health. it would be irresponsible to sweep these concerns under the rug just to rush this project to the finish line as a political payoff for the koch brothers. we are responsible to our nation's citizens to properly assess what risk the construction of this pipeline may propose to their health. for this reason i am requesting a study be conducted on the health ramifications that will take place around this area that would transport these toxins. air pollution knows no political boundaries. if you share my commitment to safe guarding americans' health, i ask that you safe guard my amendment to order a study to be done before we make any decision on the pipeline's construction, and i might add
and here i will say on behalf governor perry who's a good friend of mine, the malpractice reforms in texas were quite effective. back here, y or. >> mr. speaker, first of all thank you for standing up. we really appreciate it. next, i wnt to thank you for initiating welfare reform. it is was the first time people like herself, who actually i'm the chairman of yourself carolina social conservative coalition, the chance to push back against the liberal policies pushed by the ntion called health and human services and education of the united states. they are indoctrinating the next generation and to give us a chance to push back. as a result pregnancy rates across the nation among teenagers has gone down almost 50%. you don't hear that on the evening news, so thank you for that. but there is a culture war and i wonder, if you given any thought to the effect in education has shown in reducing teen pregnancy under welfare reform and will you continue to support that? thane. >> the answer is yes i'm aware of it. we help fund it and i would have fact -- though there's a guy in the very back. get
the gentlelady from texas rise? >> to address the house for one minute. mr. speaker, the house is not in order. the speaker pro tempore: the house is not in order. the gentlelady is recognized. ms. jackson lee: mr. speaker, we just finished debating and reviewing although the time was very short the language that would fund this nation. that is our duty. i am concerned, however, that some of the cuts impacted our seniors, our young people, and our environment. we must do better. and i certainly disagree with cutting again the appropriations for this nation impacting our veterans and their families another 2%. i voted against it. and i believe that we must ensure that if america is hit by a disaster, we pay for it. we have to fight this fight again. however, mr. speaker, as our soldiers return, thank the members for wearing the yellow ribbon, but i ask you to go home and yellow ribbon your district offices, ask your cities and hamlets and states to put yellow ribbons out to welcome the troops who are coming home and say a job well done. it ended yesterday with the casing of the colors in iraq.
. >> and have one of our colleagues from texas who has been waiting patiently, would she have the opportunity to present on this matter? >> we're not having a hearing on it. ms. jackson has known that. >> whitby out of order for me to yield a moment to her? >> we are not having a hearing, said it would be out of order since we are not in hearing. >> we are in the midst of markup here, and since we are in the midst of marking of this rule, it is not permitted for representatives of the rules committee to be heard. i appreciate miss jackson lee being here as always, there are no amendments that have been filed to this rule. >> missed slaughter just filed an amendment to the rule. oh, amendments under the rule. >> i will make my remarks briefly. what we're looking at here is the typical tax-and-spend republican policies. we saw the defense authorization bill with dollars in earmarked and pork. as the chairman confirmed, it was almost all deficit spending. ballot huge tax increase. spend money, raise taxes, we have an enormous tax increase on the middle class on january 1. in 10 days, i am not su
texas. >> did you learn anything? >> yes. i learned a great deal, especially the early ones -- henry clay and james p. grant. my skepticism lasted about the first minute of the first show. i got an e-mail from jonathan martin from politico. be said you should watch it. i said, ok. there you go. this is relevant about every one that cares about politics today. every one of the contenders and everyone of the show's be as valuable insight to what is going on in the country today. >> gene is actually it -- absolutely right. the calls were an enormous contributing factor. it was because x-factor. we did not do it -- we did not know going into this that as we got further along in the schedule, these people would begin to be real. people who define themselves as young people sharing -- cheering for wendell willkie are going mad for at least the vinson. it was extraordinary -- going stevenson.dlai 50 years from now, will people make the same calls to c-span about the current set of people? >> this is the first time we have heard any discussion like this. we started with a discussion among th
, the white of texas governor and republican presidential candidates, rick perry, is in new hampshire today. you can watch her meet and greet residents live at 3:00 eastern here on c-span. -- live today at 1:00 eastern. hear what the candidates are saying at the newly designed web site for campaign 2012. >> i say if you cannot live with the nuclear iran, and i cannot comment that you have to decide what to do. i think all options are on the table. >> your question was, who is the proven constitutional conservative in this race? that would be me. >> read the latest conduct -- commons from political reporters all at the u.s. house is in session today. they are in recess subject to the call of the chair. they will return of about 4:00 for debate on five suspension bills. earlier today it house speaker boehner said the house will likely defeat the bill. more votes expected this evening. live coverage of the house is later today here on c-span, probably around 4:00 p.m. eastern. right now from this morning's "washington journal," looking at surveillance and privacy and w
, about two weeks ago or three weeks ago in sugarland, texas, pamela gellar was scheduled to speak of the hilton hotel. with pressure from care and the muslim brotherhood, that was canceled. the militants is a high-profile american corp., international interests. i wonder what you feel the ramifications might be. >> i am not sure this is an intelligence question for any of us to comment on. if i can add one footnote on a point that greg made. it is the issue about intelligence warning. for me, it is a matter of timing. somebody wrote a paper in 1979 said -- and i always thought these were really serious issues. the birth rate in russia is actually declining. the number of russians will go from 140 million to 110 million. if you think about the geopolitical and social consequences of that, how do get a work force or army. do you report the workforce from central asia? if you think about the ethnic problems the russians have already with people from the caucuses mountains. if you say there's a problem coming in 30 years, it's probably going to bring the trees down, you will probably
by the name of m. king hubbard spoke to an audience in san antonio, texas. the audience was a bunch of oil people. he gave what i think is going to be recognized as the most important speech of the last century. it was really a very audacious speech. at that time the united states was king of oil. we produced more oil. we sold more oil. and we consumed more oil than any nation in the world. and m. king hubbard told that group of oil geologists and company executives that in just 14 short years the united states would reach its maximum oil production. that no matter what they did after that, their oil production would decline. this was an incredible speech. essentially no one believed it. because as i said at that time the united states was the king of oil. producing more, shipping more, consuming more than any other nation in the world. for a number of years m. king hubbard was a pariah, nobody believed him. he was kind of rell debated -- relegated to the lunatic fringe. and then in 1980, 10 years after his rediction, the united states -- prediction, the united states would reach its maxim
oil pipeline between canada and texas. it is chaired by david dreier of california. >> we are here for consideration of hr 3630. thee happy to welcome distinguished chairman of the committee, my good friend. please come forward. we are awaiting day of arrival of the ranking member. in light of the fact we have a quorum, i would not want to keep our members waiting. we will say that any prepared statement will appear in the record. we welcome your summary. prepared statement will without objection appear in the record and we appreciate your summary. >> thank you very much, mr. chairman. thank you for having me here. the middle class tax relief and job creation act. there are four important facts about this bill. it's about strengthening our economy and getting americans back to work. two, it prevents massive cuts to doctors working in the medicare program to protect america's seniors and the disabled. three, it adopts a number of the president's legislative initiatives which represent the bipartisan cooperation americans are demanding and fourth it's fully paid for with spending cut
. the chair recognizes the gentleman from texas for 5 minutes. to gos. sommers, i want back to 1.25. the point was made from the gentleman from the virginia that it prohibited those funds being invested in foreign sovereign debt. is that correct? >> it eliminated foreign sovereign debt as a permissible investment under 1.25, but we did in by petitioners to petition us for example of relief if they choose to do so. >> do we then believe that in the proprietary trading accounts, they were investing their own money in foreign sovereign debt with repurchasing agreements and others, do we believe that money for customers was being invested in foreign sovereign debt as well? >> congressman, i would not be able to discuss the specifics of where we believe the money is at this time for fear of compromising the investigation. >> do you have knowledge that the entity was investing customer money into foreign sovereign debt? >> there is no evidence for us to assume so at this point, but it is premature because the investigation is not finished. >> when you're doing the daily reconciliation, all the way t
tempore: under the speaker's announced policy of january 5, 2011, the gentlewoman from texas, ms. jackson lee is recognized for 60 minutes as the designee of the minority leader. ms. jackson lee: thank you very much, mr. speaker. and i almost don't know where to start but let me first of all indicate my privilege to be yielded the hour as the represent thoif minority leader , and also to be be privileged to discuss some of the issues of the congressional black caucus that have been a leader along with our chairman emanuel cleaver and our officers and those of us who have worked on these issues on the question of jobs for america. i almost don't know where to start but first of all let me say happy holiday to my colleagues and in this season of giving and joy, i acknowledge how special a time it is for families to come together. i would care to, if you will, try to get equipment working, which is -- a little difficult. i need the two posters, please. but i do want to start on some of the comments of my friend and colleague from texas and i'm delighted to have him act knowledge that we cann
in texas for over a week so he could get off it. he went to veterans' groups around the nation, talking about what was known as battle fatigue back then. he did not have a lot of success in raising awareness. to overcome the stigma that exists relating to these invisible wounds, and to avoid the same outcome on the other side of this war, we must continue to study and learn while raising awareness of support services put in place to ensure the men and women who selflessly serving our country are cared for properly in the event they are injured or in need of help. as the focus of this pilots, this is particularly important as pertains to reserve soldiers. we are able to more effectively influence soldiers serving on active duty and help them mitigate stressors affecting them. it is more difficult to do so in the case of individuals not serving on active duty. that are often geographically removed from a support network provided by military installations. they like the camaraderie of fellow soldiers and daily oversight and hands on assistance from members of the chain of command experienc
now, the same modern management in government we apply in our manufacturing companies. the texas locker today to plan the modernization of the port of charleston than it is killing to take to modernize t panama canal. now, that is just plain incompetence. that is the government bureaucracy which has ground down to a level that is unbelievable. i remind people that when you have an aircraft carrier out here, we've fought the entire second world war from dember the seventh, 1941, to victory over japan in august of 1945. it is three years in eight months. in 44 months we defeat nazi germany, and imperial japan. recently took 23 years todd a fifth runway. now, that is all -- this is of humanly created incompetence. .. governor reagan campaigned on it. his program for job creation was for things, one, cut taxes, two cut regulations, three, favor american energy, four, praise the people who create jobs. now what is the obama model? the exact opposite. raise taxes, increase regulations, be against the american energy and attack the people who create jobs. exactly backwards. what was the
tuesday. our guest is from des moines. our next caller is susan from north richland hills, texas, democrat. caller: i agree with everything your guest is saying, everything. what i found totally fascinating with truck presley, he has a personal worth of over $6 million, did not understand the question from the man talking about jobs. -- chuck grassley. it blew my mind. host: let's hear from a republican from nevada. don. caller: good morning. let me preface my question first. i am a naturalized immigrant and a veteran. this morning on the news i heard that the justice department's set up a hotline for illegals to make sure their rights are not trampled on and or if they have issues. i know that the obama administration specifically the justice department has been suing quite a few states that are inundated with illegals and would like to have some kind of i.d. card. my question to you is, is it the policy of the democratic party to facilitate illegals? if so, will you facilitate all illegals come around a world or is it just a temporary policy? guest: i probably and will not be the expert
and the galveston, texas experience. dramatically boulder and more oriented towards individual empowerment and individual choice, if i read correctly his program. second, i would say the paper we have issued on rebalancing the judicial branch, and the fact that i am prepared to call for abolishing the office of judge barry in san antonio because he is such a bigoted, antireligious judge, and it violates the american tradition and the american system. i think that is the boulder position than romney would take. if you compare my platform and his, i think you'll find a number of differences. >> i am for abolishing the capital gains tax. he casts his cut at $200,000, which would be a lower cap and obama has, which i thought was unusual. >> you said there were many differences between you and mitt romney. [inaudible] you ought know that to count running for the senate in 1994, running for governor, then running for president for six years, i don't know if that makes him a career politician or not. i will let you decide. it it is fair to say i have been a successful candidate a number of times.
-- there were 11 southern states that had dual associations in the south from virginia to texas. i came on as executive secretary at that time. in 1969 we merged and i have been there for 47 years. >> let's see this video of george wallace. >> john will come, unwanted, warranted for intrusion. >> this afternoon, following a series of threats and statements, the presence of alabama national guardsman was required on the university of alabama to carry out the final quarter of the united states district court of the northern district of alabama. that order called for the admission of two fairly qualified young alabama residents who happen to have been born negro. >> what do you remember about that incident in 1963? >> we were glad to see president kennedy on. he was very simple. we always thought he was going to lose. he had lost races before that time, particularly in 1959 and 1960, when he had the confrontation with jerry frank johnson. a lot of folks forget the civil rights deal in 1967, that particular civil-rights deal, which came under president eisenhower, allows the president to ap
in the midwest or the west coast? what do you think the issues are that make the georgia-texas swing so much safer or the farm states that are so loyally republican? what we have going for us that they don't have going for them? >> louisiana was one of the last southern states -- they talk about the deep south -- louisiana still has a democratic senator and until recently did not have a republican majority in either chamber. they voted for bill clinton twice. a lot of voters in the south are still registered democrat and would vote republican national it. our numbers are increasing and the numbers are decreasing but were still half the size of the democratic party in louisiana. it is interesting to look at this states that have been read verses blue but also the states that are changing. blues -- louisiana's moving toward red and west virginia is as well. there was talk about the western states becoming more purple. there is that famous line about ronald reagan not leaving the democratic party but the democratic party leaving him. many voters in louisiana stayed pretty much where they were i
, texas. caller: several months ago, newt gingrich was a new program. he gets his health care still from the federal government -- was on your program. he gets his health care still from the federal government. why is that? if he quits in the privat sector, he would not get it. i am under the impression that, after five years, these guys -- why is it that they can collect? guest: the members of congress and their staff are in the same health insurance program as the rest of the federal employees, on pretty much the same terms and conditions. i have no personal knowledge of newt gingrich's health coverage. it is quite possible he was able to retire and keepis health insurance in the retirement. there is an interesting twist on health reform. one of the provisions is that, starting in 2014, members of congress will have to join the health insurance exchanges of this like the uninsured. for now, they suffer the same -- asefit from the same choices everybody else. host: sheila is a federal employee. caller: i make $30,000 perear. people always talk about the government employees and what the
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24 (some duplicates have been removed)